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  • Actor, Director and Athlete, Sean Patrick Flanery Debuts First Novel, Jane Two

    Photos by John Schell Sean Patrick Flanery wears a lot of hats. The star of “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,” “The Boondock Saints,” Powder,” “The Young and The Restless,” “Saw 3D: The Final Chapter” and more than 100 films and television shows is also an accomplished director, writer and a black belt Jiu-Jitsu athlete and instructor. Now, he adds published author to that pr ... Read More

  • Relocating To San Rafael

    Relocating to San Rafael, CA If you are looking to move to a city in the San Francisco Bay Area that has a great community, a low crime rate and good public facilities, consider relocating to San Rafael. This city is one of the biggest cities in the suburbs of San Francisco and has good schools with natural beauty perfect for people who like an outdoor lifestyle. The strong community suppo ... Read More

  • San Rafael Live In San Rafael

    Live in San Rafael, CA Living in California opens your doors for a myriad range of opportunities and things to explore and enjoy in this lovely state. You should realize that there are multitudinous benefits when living in a suburban lifestyle in California. Given the time and effort to thoroughly research, compare and contrast the options you have, you may be able to locate a home conduci ... Read More

  • San Rafael Nightlife

    San Rafael: Nightlife Nightlife in San Rafael is lively with a fair selection of pubs, bars, night clubs, lounges, wine bars, dance clubs, and music venues. Nearly 40% of the city’s population is between the ages of 20-45 so there is no shortage of places for this group to hang out in late at night.   Bars San Rafael has its share of popular watering holes. There are bars, lounges, ... Read More

  • San Rafael Family Activities

    Family Activities in San Rafael, CA One of the best things about San Rafael is that so many of its attractions are family friendly. Taking the family for activities around the city is a perfect way to enjoy all the facilities and unique areas in San Rafael. Perhaps even try something you have never done before – as a parent. McNear's Beach Park McNear's Beach is a Marin County park ... Read More

  • San Rafael Attractions

    San Rafael: Attractions San Rafael is the county seat of Marin County and is its economic center. The cultural influence of San Rafael can be seen in the attractions that cover the full gamut from art, film, museums, historical places, festivals and community events that bring visitors from neighboring towns and also from all over the country. Art Works Downtown Art Works Downtown showca ... Read More

  • San Rafael Things To Do

    Things to do in San Rafael, California Sightseeing, shopping, dining, hiking, and visiting local attractions are just a few things you can do in San Rafael, California. The scenic beauty around the city and the wealth of activities for the whole family makes San Rafael a popular tourist destination. Buy Local One of the things you can do easily to enjoy San Rafael is to be a local for ... Read More

  • San Rafael Travel And Lodging

    San Rafael, California Hotels, Inns and Lodging Lodging options in San Rafael include hotels, inns and resorts which range from luxury choices to moderately-priced hotels. Most of these are within a short drive to all the areas in the neighboring San Rafael area and even to San Francisco. Business travelers will find San Rafael’s hotels a convenient place for traveling around the local ... Read More

  • San Rafael Emergency Services

    San Rafael: Emergency Services San Rafael, California is a highly desirable spot located just outside of San Francisco in the Bay Area. This city is considered a mid-sized city and is widely thought of as a spot that is a commuter town. The close proximity to San Francisco and high probability earthquakes and other natural disasters make emergency services in San Rafael, CA an important to ... Read More

  • History Of San Rafael

    The History of San Rafael, California Centuries ago San Rafael was once the home of several Coast Miwok peoples. The villages that were identified are Awani-wi, near downtown San Rafael, Ewu, near Terra Linda, and Shotomko-cha, in Marinwood. When the Spanish colonized California, four Spanish Franciscan priests founded Mission San Rafael Arcángel in 1817, four years before Mexico gaine ... Read More

  • About San Rafael

    About San Rafael, CA San Rafael is a city that has the best of both worlds: an expansive California setting and all the amenities of an urban center. San Rafael is the county seat, the largest and oldest city of Marin County. This beautiful city is situated in the beautiful North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. In the 2010 census the city's population was recorded at 57,713. ... Read More

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